Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

2012 Wished List ☺

Tonight is something to leave things open up the old and new. Yihaaaaaa!
Yah, And I'm just hoping to find something new in the middle of night, Or so something that would make me happy. Hiiiih! Semoga kesampean ya, Dan semoga ngga hanya hibernasi panjang. Pfft

List Wished 2011 Soon ☺

Everything Better than 2011, Firstly hoping!
I find new the best someone for my life and  partner love , And i'm still to be with him :) Have much money, Unlimited Battery + Pulse unlimited + no homework ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) Just hoping the best from You God. Well be better than before :" Hoping to return again to communicate with people who had been close to me, is more tightly strap my friendship with my all friend before after ☺ 
God make my dreaming & my hoping come true o:) 
Never regret what will I do in the future, Hoping that I will never do something "stupid" and "useless" anymore, amin. And hoping there is a miracle in my life in 2012. Much, Bila itu kesampean, Aku pasti bakalan seneng. Nah, Masalah orangnya, God must know what's best for me (˘ʃƪ˘) Hihihi :)

Pokoknya masih banyak yang lainya, Intinya Is gonna better than! Okedeh, Celamat malem taun baruan yg punya pcal, Celamat pacalan ya kapel2, Yg disini sih, Iya mau pacalan sama km aja. Hih! Bye :3
Semoga permohonan dan semua doa saya dikabul ya, Amiiin. You too

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